Psilocybin Grow Kits: Convenient Solution for Mushroom Enthusiasts
Psilocybin grow kits


Nowadays, growing psilocybin mushrooms for your own consumption is very easy, and the primary reason for that are psilocybin grow kits. These are entire kits that can be used to grow your own mushrooms from scratch, and by following the process, you will need nothing else other than this kit and you will be able to grow your own batch. In fact, the spores from your batch can then be reused to further grow new mushrooms, and this cyclical process is all thanks to mycological shops like D&N Sporeworks, purveyors of some of the best psilocybin grow kits out there. 

Now, lets get into the particulars of a psilocybin grow kit; what is in it, where can you get and then we’ll proceed onto how you can grow mushrooms using psilocybin grow kits. Lets start first with an introduction to it. 

What are psilocybin grow kits?

Psilocybin grow kits are complete solutions that provide you with everything needed for growing psilocybin mushrooms; from the spores needed to grow mushrooms to the syringes or swabs that might come in handy, psilocybin grow kits have it all. Psilocybin grow kits are classified by strain types and also by how much knowledge and prior experience you have with mycological growth kits in general. 

For example, starter growth kits will usually have a mushroom strain that is easy to grow and does not require a lot of upkeep and temperature/ humidity maintenance. On the other hand, master collector kits or kits for more experienced people will include strains that are usually difficult to maintain and require a lot of upkeep and maintenance. As such, psilocybin grow kits can be used in accordance with your level, and for enthusiasts just beginning to discover the wonderful benefits of mycology and psilocybin mushrooms, starter kits are the best way to get well-versed in this art of mycology. 

How much do psilocybin grow kits cost?

Depending on the strain you get and the kit you want, prices will vary. For example, MSS swabs or syringes will cost you around 25 dollars, whereas a Master Collectors Swab Pack of 32 strains from D&N Sporeworks will set you back about 180 dollars. This is reasonably well-priced, considering the yield you get from these kits will certainly save you a lot of money than, say, acquiring mushrooms from the outside. Even in places where psychedelics are legal, psilocybin grow kits are the best options for getting your mushrooms the organic and cost-efficient way.

What is included in a psilocybin grow kit?

Depending on the bundle you get and what level of expertise you have with mycology and mushroom-growing in general, the contents of a psilocybin grow kit will vary. However, generally, you can expect to see these in a grow kit. 

  • Syringes (including the liquid culture for mushroom spores)
  • Organic substrate (manure or wood-based)
  • Growth bags with injection ports
  • Packing layer

You will find a selection of these items in a psilocybin grow kit, and while many retailers will exclude some things, this is a general enumeration of all the items that you can expect in such a grow kit. With this in hand, you are now ready to grow your own mushrooms and enjoy a trip to the other world using the fuel you made yourself. Let’s now look at how you can use psilocybin grow kits to grow your own mushrooms. 

Using psilocybin grow kits to grow your own mushrooms

The following steps will guide you through the process of growing mushrooms using your psilocybin grow kits. Let’s get started. 

Sterilise the workstation, equipment

To grow mushrooms, cleanliness is key. No contaminants can be allowed to pollute the workstation or any part of the equipment, and as such, it is important that proper sterilization with the help of alcohol swabs be carried out. This includes every surface that you will be interacting with, and every surface that the growth kit and the mushrooms will be in close contact with. Make sure the room that you are using to grow your mushrooms is also clean and well-lit. 

Ensure adequate temperature, humidity

Growing mushrooms is a very detail-oriented process, and as such, two things need to be absolutely perfect throughout the entire process: temperature and humidity. This is because mushrooms and mycology in general is a very precise and delicate matter, and any changes have the potential to ruin an otherwise good batch. As all mushrooms go, light isn’t really imperative, especially direct sunlight. Mushrooms should be kept away from direct sunlight; however, ample humidity should be provided to the cultures to ensure that the growth goes absolutely well. 

Introducing spores/ culture to the substrate 

The substrate is usually included within the psilocybin growth kit, and usually is determined by what type of mushrooms you are trying to grow. The process is very simple: by introducing the spores or culture to the substrate, you’re essentially starting the process by introducing the spores to the growth material, like soil is for regular plants. The substrate is where the mushrooms will derive their nourishment and growth from, and as such, is an important part of the entire process. There are some psilocybin growth kits that will not provide you with the substrate, and for this, you will need to have your own. Once the spores have been introduced to the substrate, cover it up with the packing layer or sheet to prevent atmospheric contaminants from getting into the environment of the substrate.

Wait for mycelial growth

Once you have the substrate wet and sealed off, you will need to wait a couple of days. Ensure no sunlight or excess moisture gets into the ecosystem that you have created, and a few days later (depending on the strain of mushrooms), you will see a fine, white growth on the substrate. This is nothing more than the mycelial growth from the spores; or if you have spore cultures in containers, the mycelial growth will be the same fine white growth. Once you have that, its time to move on to the next step. 

Expose the substrate to oxygen-rich environment

Once you have the mycelial growth, it’s time to spring into action and introduce the growth to both humidity and oxygen. Since the growth has been in a sealed off environment, the quality of your mushrooms will depend a lot on this. Cut off and remove the covering of the substrate from the growth bags, and simply let the environment get to the mycelial growth. The oxygen will catalyse the mycelial growth and will kickstart the process of those little white blobs into capped mushrooms that you see all the time. 

Maintain temperature and humidity

Once again, as you let the white mycelial growth turn into those classic capped mushrooms, maintain temperature and humidity. Lower temperatures and a moderate amount of humidity will work and will yield you the best possible mushrooms. 

Harvest the mushrooms

Usually within the span of a week or two, you will start seeing considerable growth. The mycelial growth will have grown into mushrooms and harvesting them at the right time is crucial. If you harvest them too early, the psychedelic component won’t mature and you won’t get what you might be looking for with those mushrooms. Harvesting them too late will give them an earthy taste that really isn’t very palatable for a lot of people, so, the best time to harvest your mushrooms is when they are about three or four weeks old and are fresh looking, and have visible gills under their cap. Then, it’s the perfect time to harvest the mushrooms. 

Getting the best psilocybin grow kits from D&N Sporeworks

D&N Sporeworks is your go-to mycological shop for all your supplies and whatever you might need, as an enthusiast, to grow and enjoy magic mushrooms. From complete growth kits with everything you might need to hit the ground running when it comes to growing mushrooms to individual pieces of equipment like syringes, spores and swabs, you can trust D&N Sporeworks to have it all, and with the best possible quality that will make your mycological journey an absolutely magical one. With their knowledgeable experts on hand at all times, you can feel right at home in embarking on this journey. Shop with D&N Sporeworks and feel the difference for yourself. 


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