E4K Multi Spore Swab


*For Microscopy use only* E4K is a strain of cubensis mushroom , these premium spores samples are great for beginners in mycology and we are super excited to get it to you for your viewing pleasure.

Experience E4k Mushrooms Multi Spore Swab with D&N Sporeworks – cultivated and offered to researchers and enthusiasts alike. These vibrant wonders are found in subtropical forests, their captivating colors ranging from earthy browns to striking blues and purples. Their intricately designed spores symbolize nature’s creativity, and each spore syringe is carefully prepared to deliver a premium microscopy experience – allowing for detailed examination and analysis.

Exhibiting caps ranging from 20 to 45 mm in diameter, these mushrooms boast a distinct caramel hue that sets them apart. Their stems, measuring between 60 to 110 mm, are fibrous – displaying intense bluish bruising when handled. Adnate to slightly sinuate gills develop into a deep purplish-black coloration as spores mature – offering a visually captivating spectacle. With spores measuring 10-12 x 7-9 microns in size, E4k Mushrooms provide an excellent subject for microscopy studies.


Spore Details:


Habitat: Subtropical forests, enriched soils

Climate: Temperate to subtropical

Cap: 20-45 mm in diameter, varying shades of brown with a distinct caramel hue, bruising to blue when handled.

Stem: 60-110 mm, sturdy and fibrous, exhibiting bluish bruising upon manipulation.

Gills: Adnate to slightly sinuate, developing a deep purple-black hue as spores mature.

Spores: 10-12 x 7-9 microns. Oval-shaped, dark purplish-brown in deposit.




It’s important to note that cultivation of Psilocybin Mushrooms, including variants like E4k Mushrooms multi spore swab , may be banned or restricted in many regions. The use of mushroom spores may also be regulated in certain areas. It’s essential to review and adhere to local regulations regarding the possession, cultivation, and use of mushroom spores to ensure compliance with the law. 

All Spore swabs are made in a sterile environment. No Shipping to CA,GA & ID

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