Penis Envy Mushrooms: Effects, Benefits, and All You Need to Know


One of the best and most potent psychedelic mushrooms, penis envy, has its own legend when it comes to DMT and inducing strong hallucinogenic trips. As any experienced traveler will tell you, penis envy mushrooms are some of the most sought-after mushrooms in the psychedelic range, and today, we’ll be going through the details of the mushroom. Everything from the effects that it carries to the benefits and even the downsides, considering its potency, will be discussed to make sure you know all about envy mushrooms and its weird-named cousin. 

penis envy

What are penis envy mushrooms?

Penis envy mushrooms are hallucinogenic mushrooms of the Psilocybe cubensis family, renowned for their large concentrations of the compound psilocybin, which gives these mushrooms the much sought-after quality of inducing hallucinations and vivid trips. 

The Psilocybe cubensis family, on the whole, is psychedelic, which means that nearly all of the varieties contain psilocybin and are capable of inducing hallucinations; however, envy mushrooms, and by extension, the penis envy mushroom is notorious for being exceptionally potent and inducing vivid and intense hallucinations that may scare off new users. 

The elephant in the room: the name 

On a lighter note, the name is hilarious. Penis envy mushrooms have nothing to do with Sigmund Freud or his theories. Their scientific name is Psilocybe cubensis, but the name that is more popular is this one. The naming convention is obvious: mushrooms do resemble the aforementioned body organ, and it’s no surprise that fully mature penis envy mushrooms tend to look a lot like the human organ. 

The different types of penis envy mushrooms

There are many different types of penis envy mushrooms, and all might be considered variants of the same mushroom. Let’s take a brief look at them. 

  • Penis envy uncut: This one delves even deeper into the naming convention and can be differentiated by its slightly longer cap while maintaining the same distinct look for the stalk. Penis envy uncut is slightly less potent than some of the other types but is still considered a great psychedelic. 
  • Penis envy albino: The penis envy albino lacks color and pigmentation, which gives it a unique and striking look. They are very sought-after mushrooms, not only owing to their appearance but also their psychedelic effect, which is described as unique and different subtly.
  • Penis envy #6: Penis envy #6 is a synthetic creation in the sense that it is cultivated using different strains of mushrooms. These are short-stalked mushrooms with incredibly large caps, giving them a cartoonish look. The effects on consumption are also varied; some describe intense introspection, while some describe the experience as spiritual. 
  • Trans envy: The naming convention gets more unfortunate with this one. The trans envy is a mushroom that is created by crossbreeding, specifically, by using the South African Transkei strain with another cubensis strain. However, trans envy is not all that potent and ranks the lowest in the penis envy mushroom family for potency. 
  • Yeti: The final type of penis envy mushroom, the Yeti looks like a deformed mushroom but is incredibly potent when it comes to psychedelic content. It is also white, thus the name of the mythical creature of the Himalayas. 

The effects of penis envy mushrooms

Considering that even a mildly psychedelic mushroom can have some incredible effects, one can pretty much guess the potency level of penis envy mushrooms and the hallucinogenic effects they bring about. 

In the case of penis envy mushrooms, intense euphoria is the most common effect and benefit. This is what makes magic mushrooms, in general, and the penis envy mushrooms, in particular, a great way to relax and just have a good time. 

Aside from euphoria, the most characteristic effect of psychedelic mushrooms is auditory and visual hallucinations, which constitute a ‘trip.’ The penis envy mushroom is renowned for intense psychedelic effects, and the trips it can induce can be overwhelming for starters and might even be too strong for some experienced travelers. Let’s look at the breakdown of the hallucinogenic effects of penis envy mushrooms based on the various categories. 

  1. Cognitive: The cognitive changes that a penis envy mushroom can induce are comprehensive—starting with extensive changes in the thought process and information processing, which alters creativity, either by heightening it or lowering it. In the case of penis envy mushrooms, these alterations can help people be more creative and insightful and help with their trips as well. 
  2. Perceptive: In the case of penis envy mushrooms, the main modifiers are the visual and auditory hallucinations that absolutely deviate from the perception of reality, time, space, and one’s body. This marks the start of the trip, a state of heightened sensation where vivid hallucinations govern the sensory surroundings of the person. This is also the phase where the rest of the effects also appear. 
  3. Ego death: All psychedelics, and the penis envy mushroom in particular, feature a state known as ‘ego death’, wherein the psychedelic causes the individual to ‘become one with the universe’ and ascend beyond one’s own self to a place where your ego no longer exists alongside yourself (in a philosophical manner).
  4. Emotional: The emotional effects include, first and foremost, euphoria. On a good trip, the positive feelings include intense love and a sense of belonging. However, in case of a bad trip, the same effects can be negative, wherein extreme paranoia, anxiety, and fear may set in. 

Dosing tips for penis envy mushrooms

Given the potency penis envy mushrooms have, the dosing tips need to be followed very carefully since any newcomers will find the hallucinogenic effects of the penis envy mushrooms overwhelming and overpowering at times, which may be a put-off. Starting off with micro dosing every now and then so as not to build up body tolerance and resistance, one can progress onto a more significant dosage, enhancing your trips. Let’s look at the dosage tips for penis envy mushrooms. 

  1. Microdosing: Microdosing involves a dosage of penis envy mushrooms in the range of anywhere below 0.5 grams. This won’t induce hallucinogenic effects but will give a slight euphoric feeling and may be good in dealing with bouts of sadness and sudden mood dips. 
  2. Low dose:  A low dose is anywhere from 0.5 grams to 1.5 grams. While this allows other functions to be performed, a low-level hallucinogenic effect has been reported, which is feelings of euphoria. Beyond that, we will enter the proper trip categories, where you need some experienced travelers to ensure the trip goes well. 
  3. Moderate dosage: This dosage, ranging from 2 to 3,5 grams, will be where reality-altering hallucinations begin and where everyday tasks will become difficult to perform. While the trip will be present, the visuals will be less strong. Patterns, colors, shapes, and increased emotions are characteristic of a moderate dose. 
  4. High dose: Up to 5 grams of pure penis envy mushrooms; this is the strongest dosage possible. Beyond that, even experienced travelers face issues, so 5 grams is the threshold. At this point, people have reported extremely strong effects, including meeting otherworldly and extraterrestrial creatures. Ego death is also associated with higher dosages, so this is where only the most experienced psychedelic enthusiasts go. 

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