How to make mushroom tea?
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Mushrooms and psychedelics in general are becoming more and more acceptable among the general populace. Call it the wonderful effects of psychedelics, or the power of social media in spreading this wonderful thing around, the fact is that more and more people are now willing to take a trip to the other side and unlock the potential that psilocybin holds. However, chewing mushrooms is not everybody’s cup of tea, which is why we’re bringing you tea, quite literally. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to make mushroom tea.

Before we get into how to make mushroom tea, let us be perfectly clear: mushroom tea is a thing, and more people are willing to take psychedelics in a form that they have interacted with before. Tea removes some of the more ‘gamey’ aspects of chewing mushrooms whole, and tea ensures that the full psychedelic effect can be experienced in liquid form, without going through the process of normalizing chewing raw mushrooms.

Let’s now look at the process of how to make mushroom tea, and we’ll also look into some of the advantages of having mushroom tea and what effects you can look forward to when you drink mushroom tea, aka psychedelics in liquid form. 

How to make mushroom tea?

The following is a comprehensive guide on how to make mushroom tea. While some small details may vary with each strain and type of magic mushroom, the general procedure is the same across all. Let’s start. 

Have your equipment ready

Making mushroom tea? Better get your stuff ready. And by stuff, we mean the things you will need to make the mushroom tea. The first is obviously, getting the shrooms. Whether you get them online or from any other place, make sure that they are clean and pure, and not contaminated in any way at all. Aside from those, you will need a teapot, a grinder, a scale (to weigh your ingredients, especially the shrooms) and a coffee filter or sieve, whatever is available. All of these will come in handy as you go down the answer to how to make mushroom tea. 

Have your ingredients ready

Have you got the equipment ready? Now, its time to gather the ingredients and start the process. The ingredients for the mushroom tea include: around two cups of water (for one cup of tea), 3.5 grams of mushrooms, honey or sweetener (according to taste), herbs and any other tea additives of your preference, and finally, decaffeinated tea bags. You can also use herbal tea bags, since they do not contain caffeine. Why no caffeine? Because caffeine is known to impact the trip, and not in a good way. So, steer clear of caffeine. 

Prepare your shrooms

Your mushrooms, all 3.5 grams of it, need to be grinded into smaller chunks to ensure that they release the active psychedelic components into the tea when immersed. For that purpose, grinding your mushrooms with a grinder will give them the perfect consistency to be added to tea and be enjoyed in a liquid form rather than chewing them.

Boil water and mix the ingredients

Once your shrooms have been grinded, put them aside for a minute. Fill up your kettle with 2 cups of water and let it boil. After a couple of minutes on 200 degrees Fahrenheit, lower the flame and add in all the aforementioned ingredients into a teapot. Take the boiling water and pour it into the teapot with the grinded mushrooms already in it. Make sure to pour the water in the teapot with the ingredients and mushrooms already in it. Slipping them in after adding the water just doesn’t come out right. 

Add in tea bags or supplemental ingredients for taste

After the water has been added to the teapot with the ingredients, now, lower in your teabags and any other ingredients you might have for taste. With the teabags, again, you need to be careful of them not having caffeine in them. Even regular tea contains traces of it, so, you’re going to want to go with decaffeinated tea or herbal tea, since these two have absolutely no caffeine at all. Caffeine tends to affect the trip in a negative manner, and since this whole process is done to achieve the perfect trip, having caffeine mess it up won’t be too good. 

Let the mixture steep for a couple of minutes

The final part of the whole cookout is going to involve you letting the tea sit in your cup of teapot for a couple of minutes, ideally around 10 minutes. Now, this part is the most important part of this whole deal. You see, the mushrooms that you just grinded a few minutes back are supposed to release the active psychedelic components, or psilocybin, in the liquid suspension once you let it sit and steep for a few minutes. If you hasten and try to drink it as soon as you add all the ingredients, you won’t get the effect at all. The psychedelic effect, for which this whole process was undertaken, is only achievable when the grinded mushrooms release the psilocybin in the suspension, and for that to happen, you need to steep the entire mixture for around 10 minutes. 

Strain, sit back and enjoy the tea and trip!

Once sufficient time has passed in the steeping of the tea, strain and remove any chunks or mushrooms and the teabags and other things to get the pure sort of distillate out. Pour it into a cup, sit back, and enjoy the tea with a whole menagerie of psychedelic effects. Make sure to sit in a safe, relaxed and comfortable setting; this will enhance the whole experience of the trip, making it a ‘good trip’. Otherwise, you might just find yourself in a bad trip, and no active user would then like to be in your shoes. 

The advantages of drinking mushroom tea

While you can always just chew mushrooms, there are a couple of advantages to drinking mushroom tea. The most significant one is that the psychedelic component is more pronounced in liquid form, especially when you crush them up and let the mushrooms rest in the steeping tea. This releases the psilocybin in its more active form, and its prevalence throughout the liquid will ensure a more thorough distribution, allowing for a more potent dosage. Other than that, the advantages are pretty much the same as chewing mushrooms, although with chewing, there’s less of a process involved. With tea, some people might complain about the rather earthy and gamey taste of the mushrooms themselves, so tea takes away that issue, and instead, you now have a sweet beverage that doubles as a way for you to get your psilocybin fix. No more chewing on earthy and gamey mushrooms, because now, you have it in tea form. So, it’s a win-win here. 

How to make mushroom tea: any risks in consumption?

Some stiffs claim that mushrooms might be dangerous and consuming them might put you at risk. Grinding them up and drinking them in the form of tea with the active psychedelic component in it might seem even more riskier. However, let us be absolutely clear: there is no risk or danger at all in psychedelics. Even a bad trip, as some users might tell you, isn’t all that bad. 

However, there are a couple of things that need to be kept in mind when undertaking this whole process of making mushroom tea. For starters, mushrooms in tea form, with the active psychedelic component released can be rather potent. While mushroom tea is fine for experienced psychedelic users, new users should at least lower the dosage of the shrooms so that the dosage isn’t as potent. While it does not cause any ill-effects, a potent dosage will result in stronger hallucinations, which may be off-putting for some people. 

Mushroom tea and shrooms in general also come with a health warning as well. For people suffering from heart issues like high blood pressure, shrooms and the subsequent trip can increase the rate of heart, as dilation of the blood vessels is common in hallucinations and increased brain activity. Therefore, some caution is advised when going through the motions, getting yourself either shrooms or mushroom tea. 

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