How to grow psilocybin mushrooms?
psilocybin mushrooms


Growing your own psilocybin mushrooms means that you will have absolutely no doubt about the quality of the mushrooms, plus it has more of an event-like feeling for a person to be consuming something that they’ve grown themselves. And psilocybin mushrooms are no different: the trip might feel different, well-earned when you have mushrooms that you grew yourselves and then consumed. For the best trip experience, people suggest a calm, relaxed and friendly setting, but growing your own mushrooms and knowing that such wonderful mushrooms were grown by none other than yourself, we’d say the feeling is pretty good. 

If we haven’t riled you up just yet, let us try again: here is a comprehensive guide on how to grow psilocybin mushrooms, at home, so you can eat the fruits of your labour and enjoy the accompanying trip even more. And the best part? While the process might be a little bit technical, when you do grow them, you feel more connection to the earth, to mother nature and this is what makes the subsequent trip such an enjoyable experience. 

Lets look at how to grow psilocybin mushrooms step-by-step, so the fruits of labour can be enjoyed by every enthusiast. Who knows, maybe in this process, you might go commercial and start earning the big bucks as well. 

How to grow psilocybin mushrooms?

So the first thing to know in how to grow psilocybin mushrooms is to know the tools that you will need, aside obviously from the spores that form the basis of the mycelium growth, that then blooms into those beautiful, earthy mushrooms. We’d recommend getting a grow kit, since it makes everything simple and quite literally has everything that you would need to grow your own psilocybin mushrooms. 

Growth kits are available online from a number of great websites. Since they make things easy and simplified, we’d recommend getting one and just delving into this process of growing psilocybin mushrooms. 

Let’s start with the steps. 

  1. Sterilise 
  2. Inoculate
  3. Let the cake rest
  4. Soaking
  5. Preparing the growth chamber
  6. Maintaining humidity
  7. Harvesting
  8. Storing the shrooms

Lets take a more detailed look through the process and understand more on how to grow psilocybin mushrooms.


The first step is part of the prep process, and it is the most crucial part. Why is it crucial? Well, simply because sterilization ensures that not only are the mushrooms unadulterated and pure, but it also ensures that the trip you take with these shrooms is not ruined by any impurity that gets in the shrooms during their growth. You sterilize by using alcohol swabs on rubbing alcohol, and thoroughly clean all the surfaces with which the spores will interact. This includes the jars which will cultivate the mycelium, and the containers which will then house the growing mushrooms. Everything needs to be absolutely spick and span, and rubbing alcohol is the best in sterilizing every tool and every storage utensil you may use in growing your own psilocybin mushrooms. 


Inoculation is the part where you introduce the spores to the growth jars, and this is also very crucial step of the process. Since this is the first step where the spores will be bought out into the world, the handling needs to be careful. In the inoculation process, you will introduce the spores, also called the spawn, to the substrate and the growing space, usually in mason jars or other enclosed structures, where they will be given lots of nutrients to grow and will also be kept moist, to ensure that the mycelium growth is encouraged. However, you distribute the spores or spawn, one thing you need to make sure is your syringe or any other tool that you are using is properly sterilized as well after each placement.

Let the spores rest

The spores or spawn in the substrate can also be called a cake, since at that stage, it will sort of look like a cake. Anyways, the next step will involve letting the substrate and the spawn rest, which means that you will not interfere with the growth process for at least two weeks or 15 days. So, for the first week, the temperature has to be maintained around 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit; this is also crucial, since the temperature will affect the growth of the mycelium. Similarly, the reason why you have to leave it alone for atleast 15 days is because fungi grow in the dark, and your psilocybin mushrooms will need plenty of it. For the first week, both the temperature and the darkness need to be maintained, after which you will see a white, fluffy growth in the jars. This is your mycelium, and this is what will turn into those beautiful mushrooms. 


Now that you have your mycelium growth, the next step will have you soak your cake in water for two days. Since they have been in the dark, without water and in rather high temperature, now the spawn will need lots of water, which is why, for the best psilocybin mushroom, you will need to soak the entire sponge in water for atleast two days. However, again, this process will require utmost attention and care; first of all, wear gloves throughout this process, since you don’t want to contaminate the spores. The water also needs to be filtered. Remove the growth from the jars and place the molds in the plastic containers. Try not to touch the growth. Once all the cakes have been removed and placed in plastic containers, fill the containers with filtered water and place them in the refrigerator for two days. 

Preparing growth chamber

Now, before the final step where mycelium will turn into mushrooms, you will need to prepare your chamber. This includes completely sterilizing your chamber, then add a solution for the humidity, which will further catalyse the growth of the thin, bead-like structures into proper mushrooms. Place each cake in this solution and spray it with water. Some people suggest using a mix of both water and hydrogen peroxide, which is fine too. Ensure that these sprays do not form a puddle within the growth chamber. Once the growth has been placed and sprayed within the chamber, seal the lid and place all the growth chambers in an airy room that does not have a lot of light, but isn’t completely dark. Some indirect sunlight or a light bulb from afar should do the trick. 

Maintaining humidity

As the spores will continue to grow, it is extremely important that the humidity levels be maintained, otherwise the active psychedelic compounds in psilocybin mushrooms wont be as effective. To that effect, the room temperature and conditions must be maintained. If you’re growing your psilocybin mushrooms in a room, you can always maintain the humidity levels for your growth chambers by regularly spraying them with water. For a completely dry setting, try spraying your mushrooms twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. This will ensure optimal humidity across the batch of mushrooms, and will also ensure that they have an optimal efficacy of the active psychedelic compounds. 

Harvesting the mushrooms

Once the mushrooms have sprouted and grown to an optimal height, its time to harvest them. Harvesting is a time-sensitive process; get too late in harvesting the psilocybin mushrooms, and you will have a more matured, gamey taste that most people are not very fond of. Too early in harvesting and the active psychedelic compounds wont be as pronounced in the mushrooms, so you’ll need to monitor the growth and only snap them off the base once they’ve grown considerably and have matured visibly. 

Storing the mushrooms

Now that the mushrooms have been harvested, obviously you’re not going to enjoy all of them, and if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll keep some for selling as home-grown psilocybin mushrooms. For that, know that the mushrooms stays fresh for about 2 weeks or 13 days, before they start getting that earthy taste again. However, if you need the mushrooms for longer, do not refrigerate them. Instead, dry them out and place them in airtight bags or containers. Place the airtight container in a cool, dry place and you will have the best quality psilocybin mushrooms to enjoy. 

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