How Long Do Mushroom Spore Syringes Last
Mushroom Spore Syringe


When growing mushrooms, spore syringes are the process’s essence. These little containers help to cultivate your favorite mushroom successfully. But have you ever thought about how long mushroom spore syringes last?

In this post, we’ll look at the shelf life of mushroom spore syringes, the best storage procedures, and how to keep your spores alive for as long as possible.

 Keep reading, whether you’re an experienced mycologist or just getting started in mushroom cultivation.

First, let’s see what these spore syringes are used  for

What are Mushroom Spore Syringes Used For?

Spore syringes are essential to grow edible and medicinal mushrooms. It is the recommended method for suppliers since it ensures that the spores remain uncontaminated and alive.

They are used to inoculate substrates, allowing species such as Reishi, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, and Oyster mushrooms to thrive.

Aside from cultivation, spore syringes have an intriguing purpose: microscopy. They enable enthusiasts to study mushroom spores up close and delve into the complex realm of mycology.

While there are several applications for spore syringes, it is essential to be aware of legal constraints.

Now, let’s get to the bottom of the issue: how long do they last?

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How Long Do Spore Syringes Last When Unrefrigerated?

Spore syringes can often be kept viable for up to two years when maintained in a dark and cold atmosphere.

Choosing a reliable supplier is necessary. Spore syringes come with a storage bag designed to maintain it in excellent condition.

However, we highly advise using or destroying syringes after the first year.


After a year, spores can lose sustainability, especially if they are exposed to unfavorable environments.

Because of the decreased viability, your syringe becomes less successful in inoculating substrates.

With repeated use, there is also the risk of introducing contaminants into the spore solution. These contaminants may cause issues while growing mushrooms. This leads to increasing the possibility of unwanted contaminations in your inoculation substrates.

While keeping your spore syringes can be tempting, stick to the one-year rule for best results. Opting for this approach, you can grow mushrooms successfully.

How Long Do Spore Syringes Last in the Refrigerator?

When you buy a spore syringe, you are prepared for a mushroom adventure. But you might wonder how long these spore syringes will last in the refrigerator.

The good news is that spores are resilient. They’re like nature’s time capsules, capable of living for years without food. The condition is they should be protected from excessive temperatures and intense sunshine.

Mushroom Spore Syringes in Refrigrator

When you store your spore syringes in a cold, dark place like your refrigerator, they can last for years. The low temperature, along with the lack of light, offers ideal conditions for spore viability. Moreover, it protects them from contamination. It’s similar to putting your spores to sleep, guaranteeing they’ll be ready when you are.

But Here’s a twist: When a spore syringe is opened, the clock begins to tick. Exposure to air causes the spores to deteriorate gradually.

As a result, we recommend utilizing a spore syringe within a year of purchasing it.

If, on the other hand, you’re careful about storing your mushroom spore syringes properly, you’re in for a treat. Your spore syringe can outlast the one-year mark and last for many years beyond that.

Why Is Freezing Spores a Bad Idea?

A widespread myth among new mycologists is that freezing a mushroom spore syringe is suitable. Let’s clear the air on this subject.

When exposed to severe temperatures, mycelium seeds do not perish. Instead, they go into a profound slumber-like condition called dormancy.

Moreover, When a spore syringe is frozen, ice crystals form within it. These can disturb the delicate structure of the spores. While some fungal strains may be able to tolerate the cold treatment, it is usually not a good idea.

Do not freeze live psilocybin mushroom spores if you want to study them. While frozen spores may still be alive, the risk outweighs the potential benefits.

Temperature cycles in most domestic freezers might cause the solution to fracture, potentially harming the spores. On the other hand, deep freezers, or chest-style cold chambers, frequently maintain a consistent temperature that may be friendlier on spore syringes.

A Strong Recommendation

Freezing your mushroom spore syringes is not suggested if there is an alternative. The risk of causing harm to these sensitive spores outweighs any potential advantages.

 Instead of storing spore syringes in the deep freeze, let’s use the tried-and-true procedures we outlined previously.

How to Store Mushroom Spore Syringes Properly

Now that we’ve covered the lifespan of spore syringes and their refrigerator storage, let’s dive into the details of maintaining them correctly.

To begin with, Label Your Spore Syringes.

·         It’s a simple yet critical step.

·         Understanding the strain of mushroom spores included within each syringe is crucial.

·         Keep track of your spore supply by including the date of purchase.

A reliable mushroom supplier is your partner in this fungal adventure.

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Cool and Dark Environment

Mushroom spores flourish in cool and dark settings. Find a storage location similar to these circumstances, such as a cupboard.

 However, having access to a refrigerator is preferable.

 Storing your spore syringes at 40°F (4°C) can increase their longevity to 1-2 years.

This is a major advantage over room temperature storage in a cupboard, which only lasts about a month.

Handle With Care

If you receive frozen spores in the mail, freeze them before utilizing them or reheat them to room temperature. Avoid freezing the spore syringes again since this might damage the syringe.

For Even Distribution, Store Horizontally.

Finally, the method you use to keep your spore syringe is essential. Avoid keeping it with the needle or barrel facing down. Spores tend to congregate in one location over time. Lay the syringe flat horizontally to avoid clumping. When you’re ready to use it, breaking up clumps is easy.

So there you have it, a thorough instruction to correctly store your mushroom spore syringes. By following these procedures, you’ll be well-prepared to confidently begin your mushroom-growing adventure, knowing that your spores are secure and ready to go whenever you are.

With the appropriate strategy, you can prolong the viability of your spores. So, put this knowledge to work and see the magic of mushrooms develop in the comfort of your home.

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Happy mushroom cultivation!


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