A Complete Guide to Golden Teacher Mushrooms Microdosing


Golden Teacher mushrooms are renowned for their psychedelic potency and are among the best mushrooms in the world for enthusiasts. In addition to their psychedelic capability, they boast incredibly unique appearances and characteristics that make them a fan favorite in the mycology community. Given their unique status, today, we’ll look at Golden Teacher mushroom microdosing and how you can do so safely and without making too much fuss or affecting your work. This is the ultimate guide to microdosing Golden Teacher mushrooms. 

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But before we start, for the new enthusiasts who might not be familiar with all the terminologies and the lingo that fellow travelers use, let us explain microdosing first. A little bit about Golden Teacher mushrooms themselves. Then, we’ll be looking at Golden Teacher mushroom microdosing. 

What is microdosing?

As the name implies, microdosing involves using psychedelic components or mushrooms in minute quantities. This achieves two things: first, it gives you a sneak peek of what the full potency or dose might be able to achieve and helps prepare the body for subsequent large doses. Secondly, for the busy person on the go, it allows them to essentially keep functioning without any hindrance, which would otherwise be impossible to do with a full dose or even a moderate one. Microdosing is popular within the younger community of psychedelic mushroom enthusiasts, as it gives them the best of both worlds. 

Why is microdosing popular?

Microdosing mushrooms like Golden Teacher might not induce the famed trips, which are vivid hallucinations involving both auditory and visual alterations. Still, one of the effects of a smaller dose is a simple ‘high’: this includes a state of mild euphoria and mood alteration that might help some people get through their otherwise tardy and tough routine. Psychedelics in smaller quantities positively alter the mood, so microdosing them can help get through the day without compromising on productivity or on negativity that might otherwise affect the mental health of a person. 

Aside from a content mood, users who regularly microdose also report enhanced focus, creativity, and productivity, which holistically provides for a good experience even during the most mind-numbing work. 

Microdosing Golden Teacher mushrooms

Microdosing quantities or percentages vary based on the mushroom’s level of psychedelic potency. For high-potency mushrooms, microdosing involves extremely small and limited quantities of mushrooms being ingested for a low-potency effect to take hold. On the other end of the spectrum, mushrooms like the Golden Teacher are not as potent as, say, penis envy mushrooms, which means that substantially larger amounts can be ingested for the same effect. 

A general rule of thumb for microdosing, especially with psychedelic mushrooms, is that the dosage depends much on the water content of the mushrooms. For the Golden Teacher strain, which is mildly potent, the psilocybin content is around 0.6 to 0.7 per cent by dry weight. The minimum dosage required is around 1 gram for the effects to start taking hold, making it a medium-potency mushroom. 

The difference between dried and fresh mushrooms

Within mycology and psilocybin-enthusiasts circles, the idea of dry mushrooms being more potent than fresh ones is common. And that is true; dried mushrooms are ten times more potent than their fresh counterparts, and it might be down to the fact that the more the mushroom is left to dry, the more the psilocybin content gets activated, giving the mushroom enhanced potency. Therefore, even when microdosing, it is essential to use dried mushrooms, since they will require a lot less mushrooms for the same effect as fresh ones. 

Microdosing: the effect of personal tolerances

Since Golden Teacher mushrooms are organic and the active components may vary from one mushroom to another, the effect of microdosing and the quantity required will vary. For starters, just beginning to get into the world of psychedelics, the effects of microdosing Golden Teacher and the quantity will be different. Some might get the desired effects from half the usual amount and will then build a tolerance over time that would merit an increase in dosage. Similarly, the effects and the dosage required for an experienced user, especially someone who has already tried Golden Teacher mushrooms, will be a lot different. The dosage for the effects of microdosing will be much higher, more than 1 gram in some cases. Therefore, it is to be noted here that microdosing depends on the potency and the tolerance that has been built over time. 

The benefits of microdosing Golden Teacher mushrooms

Microdosing, as explained beforehand, has a lot of benefits, which helps explain why it is so popular among working enthusiasts who need to get away from the pressures of work and need to keep a happy disposition throughout the day. Be it a toxic work environment or just the daily grind of the day making an individual lethargic, microdosing Golden Teacher mushrooms can make a difference. Let’s look at the many benefits of microdosing Golden Teacher mushrooms in detail.


One of the main reasons why microdosing mushrooms are popular is because it improves the mood of the user and keeps them on a mellow high throughout the day. Aside from a good mood, users also report increased positivity, including emotions and thoughts. Simply put, for you to have a good day at work, complete with smiles and a good, positive demeanor, a microdose of psychedelic mushrooms might help you do that. 


For people in a job where creativity is imperative, microdosing mushrooms, especially Golden Teacher, can make a lot of difference. Users have reported enhanced states of creativity, and problems and situations that would otherwise be too complex or difficult to work out can easily be taken head-on while microdosing on mushrooms. The psychedelic elements of the mushrooms allow for newer perspectives, newer thinking, and inspiration to be derived from a situation. 

Anxiety, stress

Microdosing mushrooms is also linked with decreased anxiety and stress, and the use of mushrooms can mitigate any situation where undue stress or looming anxiety is present. Since microdosing mushrooms provides a slight high that rids of all negativity and extra emotion, people microdosing Golden Teacher mushrooms have reported lowering levels of anxiety and stress and have claimed it to be more effective than anxiety medication since the mushrooms are organic and do not have any other side effect. 

Introspection, self-reflection

Lastly, one of the many benefits of mushrooms and their active psychedelic components is that they help people get new insights into their own self, which is a process known as introspection. This leads to self-reflection and is something that today’s people need a lot. In extreme cases, such as in heroic doses that induce vivid hallucinations, this can lead to a situation called ‘ego death’, wherein a person feels reborn again and has no feelings of self-gratification or self-obsession. In a microdose, this increased introspection and self-reflection can lead people to be more selfless and perform acts of kindness. 

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