Learn How and When to Harvest Golden Teacher Mushrooms
Golden Teacher Mushrooms


Among psychedelic mushrooms, the Golden Teacher occupies a special position all of its own. The Golden Teacher is one of the most popular psychedelic mushrooms available for consumption, and its ease of cultivation and widespread presence make it a popular mushroom for people looking to unlock their potential and roam the wider beyond. They are called Golden Teacher because of the distinct coloration on their caps, making them easily recognizable and the most popular psychedelic mushroom of all time. Today, we will look at harvesting Golden Teacher mushrooms, how you can harvest them, and when they become safe and ready for consumption once matured. 

But before we get into harvesting Golden Teacher mushrooms, let us first look at a basic overview of what Golden Teacher mushrooms are. 

Golden Teacher Mushrooms: A quick overview

Golden Teacher mushrooms, scientifically known as Psilocybe cubensis are a species of magic mushrooms renowned for their concentration of psilocybin and psilocin, the active compounds responsible for the hallucinogenic effects that magic mushrooms are famed for. Given their popularity, ease of cultivation, and distinct appearance, the Golden Teacher is the most popular magic mushroom ever. It is consumed on a large scale since it does not have a high potency, and both beginners and experienced users can make good use of the potency that Golden Teacher mushrooms have to offer in terms of their psychedelic effect. 

Now, let us take you through the cultivation process for Golden Teacher mushrooms before we delve into the harvesting process. 

Growing Golden Teacher Mushrooms: The process

Let us look at the process of growing Golden Teacher mushrooms, starting with the basics. 

Sterilising all equipment involved

The basics will remain the same whether growing mushrooms from spores or using any other method. You will first need to sterilize any equipment you will be using, including any syringes, swabs, or other equipment. This part of mycology is extremely delicate, and any contaminant will adversely affect the mushrooms’ yield and quality, especially with Golden Teacher, whose aesthetic appeal alone is a big part of why it is incredibly popular within the community. 

Introduce your culture to the substrate

Much like regular plants, mushrooms also need a medium to grow in, but since you will be growing your own Golden Teacher mushrooms, you can also use a substrate, which doubles as earth and provides all the nutrients and the base you might need for the mushrooms to grow. The substrate can be anything, from coffee grounds to other organic waste, anything that is nutrient-rich and can provide an ideal breeding ground for mycological cultures. Keep your substrate in a box and start by placing each culture a few centimeters away. 

Humidity, temperature control

For magic mushrooms, the cultivation process is very delicate and technical and will require you always to pay close attention to the overall process. For instance, at the start of the process, you need to control sunlight or the amount of light in the room, the humidity, and the temperature. This will ensure optimal growth during the initial phases and encourage the formation of mycelium, a white substance that will grow into classic golden-tipped mushrooms enthusiasts like. 

Encouraging mycelial growth

Once the mycelial growth is ready, you must transfer the entire box to a growth chamber, where the mycelium is supposed to turn into capped mushrooms. For this, temperature, humidity, and access to fresh air (oxygen) will again be controlled, but for this phase, the more humidity your culture gets, the better the yield. In the same vein as humidity, while initially the culture is supposed to be covered in plastic sheets to keep it airtight, now, to encourage mycelial growth into mushrooms, you will cut open the sheets and expose the mycelium to an oxygen-rich environment, which will catalyze the growth of mushrooms. 

Once the mycelium has grown into mushrooms, the time has come for harvesting. However, much like the entire process, harvesting is also very delicate, and we will start with when you should harvest your Golden Teacher mushrooms. 

When to harvest your Golden Teacher mushrooms?

Now that you have a substantial growth of mushrooms, the next step is to harvest them. However, the harvesting process of Golden Teacher mushrooms and magic mushrooms or psychedelic mushrooms in general is very delicate. You see, the psychedelic component or psilocybin in these mushrooms is synthesized upon maturity, and if you harvest before the mushrooms have become fully mature, the desired psychedelic effect won’t be as pronounced. On the other hand, you cannot leave it once the mushrooms have matured; overripe mushrooms get an earthy, gamey taste that many people get turned off from. Harvesting at the right time is crucial for Golden Teacher mushrooms. 

You should only harvest when the mushrooms have fully matured; this is evident from their well-developed stalks and fresh caps that have not started drying due to over-aging. Harvesting at this time will yield you the perfect psychedelic mushrooms capable of giving you the required amount of psilocybin to have a nice time. 

How to harvest your Golden Teacher mushrooms?

Once the mushrooms have matured fully, the actual harvesting process is relatively simple. Much like any other mushroom, Golden Teacher mushrooms can be harvested by simply snapping them from their base with their stalk intact. The stalks and the caps should be intact and connected when you harvest them. Otherwise, the mushrooms won’t be as good as described. Store them in a cool, dry place for later consumption. 

Teacher Mushrooms

The bottom line

When done right, harvesting and growing Golden Teacher mushrooms will yield you excellent results. Since these mushrooms are popular among both beginners in mycology and psychedelics, Golden Teachers are extremely versatile and easy to grow and harvest. However, the general rule of mycology applies to magic mushrooms as well; during their growth, you need to be extra vigilant to ensure a conducive environment is given to cultures for optimal growth and germination. Once you have your mushrooms, it’s time to enjoy and explore the great beyond that only psychedelics can give you the pass to. 

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