Albino penis envy mushrooms: a complete guide


Albino penis envy mushrooms, colloquially known as APEs, are some of the most sought-after mushrooms, considering their visual uniqueness and the already-legendary potency and familiarity with the regular penis envy mushrooms among enthusiasts. For many, the albino penis envy mushroom represents the diversity that magic mycology has to offer, and despite their rarity, they can still be found with relative ease and can be grown in-house for sustained consumption or for commercial purposes. Today, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the world of mycology, starting with everything you need to know about albino penis envy mushrooms. 


Albino penis envy mushrooms: the initial impressions

Described as ‘visually striking’, the albino penis envy mushrooms are renowned for their characteristic white appearance, which makes them stand out within the mushroom genus, specifically the penis envy family of mushrooms. This makes them quite a step up from the regular penis envy mushrooms, and given their potency and their psychedelic components, which will be discussed below, one can begin to understand the reasons behind their popularity among experienced and fresh mycological enthusiasts. 

While the penis envy mushroom is usually dark brown or caramel-colored, the albino, as its name implies, lacks the pigmentation that gives the mushrooms their brown color. This makes it not only easily recognizable as an albino penis envy, given their hilarious shape, but also sets them apart when it comes to potency. 

Albino penis envy mushrooms: the potency

Penis envy mushrooms rely on the potency of the psychedelic components to maintain their appeal within the mycological community. The percentage of psychedelic compounds, including psilocybin, in the penis envy mushroom makes it an excellent choice of magic mushroom for both beginners looking for a dose that gets them the requisite effect without taking it into overdrive. At the same time, experienced enthusiasts prefer penis envy mushrooms due to its moderate effects that can be a great source for micro-dosing. 

Given their genetic makeup and the difference between the concentration of psychedelic compounds, the albino penis envy mushrooms are reported to be more potent than their brown counterparts. This is primarily due to the fact that the albino type has a much better concentration of psilocybin, thereby giving a more pronounced effect when it comes to the psychedelic effects. While penis envy mushrooms are popular with both experienced and novice psychonauts, the albino penis envy mushroom is considered unsafe for newbies. It is instead preferred by experienced enthusiasts who might be able to handle the potency. 

The psychedelic effects of albino penis envy mushrooms

As explained beforehand, the albino penis envy is a much more potent breed than its brown-colored counterpart. Given its concentration of psilocybin, the effects it can impart on users are also more pronounced, and we will delve deep into the effects it has to understand what a higher level of psychedelic potency can cause you to experience. 

Visual hallucinations:

Vivid and pronounced visual hallucinations have been reported by users of the albino penis envy mushroom. While the setting may vary, the larger the dose, the more the albino mushroom will encourage dazzling visuals. Users with a normal dose have reported colors, visuals, and patterns that surpass other mushroom types. In contrast, larger doses cause ‘otherworldly entities’ to appear, which is a sign of extreme hallucination, which may scare off rookie users. 

Auditory hallucinations:

In the same vein as visual hallucinations, auditory hallucinations are also described as intense, and in these reports, the role of the subconscious played a surprisingly dominant role, with many reporters hearing voices of loved ones who had passed away before or even unnatural sounds. Given that these auditory hallucinations work in tandem with the visual ones, this onslaught of stimulus may get too overwhelming for new users, which is why it is usually discouraged. 


One of the more interesting effects of the albino penis envy mushrooms is the introspection that seems to dominate each ‘trip’ that the magic mushroom induces. While regular penis envy is famous for inducing such an introspective state within users, albino penis envy takes it a notch further, giving users an enhanced experience of introspection, which, in higher doses, can cause a phenomenon known as ‘ego death.’ This is safe, but it may be a turn-off for new users. 

Spiritual experiences:

Both the regular penis envy and the albino variant boast excellent spiritual experiences in their effects, and this is down to the concentration of psilocybin in their genetic makeup. Despite their heightened potency, the albino mushroom does not have an enhanced effect in this regard, according to users. Still, for each user, the effect obviously varies, so taking such information with a grain of salt is always important. 


Albino penis envy mushrooms: dosage

Given the albino mushroom’s increased potency, the dosage for these can be tricky to navigate. For experienced users, as is obvious, the albino variant does not pose any significant challenge; it’s the new users who might need to practice caution when it comes to albino penis envy. Mycology experts agree that for beginners, a low dose of 0.5 grams to 1 gram of the albino strain is enough to induce mild effects that essentially show you the tip of the iceberg. Upon sufficient experience with magic mushrooms in general and penis envy in particular, the dosage can be increased from 2 to 3.5 grams per dose, as the effects will start to get more pronounced and give more intensity. Therefore, a word of advice: if you’re just starting in the mycological world, you need to understand the particulars of mushroom types, their psychedelic content, which mushrooms are safe for beginners, and which ones should be outright avoided. 

Albino penis envy mushroom: a quick recap

Albino penis envy mushrooms can be better described as ‘penis envy mushrooms on steroids’ since the effect, dosage, appearance, and general characteristics are all amped up to 11, making this a mushroom that’s best left to the experts. However, given their exclusiveness and low numbers, albino penis envy mushrooms can be a great way to start your mycological journey of growing and selling mushrooms. Just be on the lookout for fake ones; they won’t give you as much of a bang for your buck as the real ones will. 

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